Top 10 Family Vacation Ideas for 2022

If you can’t travel abroad and are looking for top vacation spots for families, check out our list of the best family vacation destinations in the US.

Best Family Vacation Spots Around the US: How to Make the Most of Your Trip

Toying with the idea of a fun trip somewhere with your kids? Fabulous! Of course, we all remember some family vacations that were simply disastrous. To avoid making those kinds of memories, here are a few pointers to create a sensational getaway for you and your family:

  • Spend time planning

To play with an old saying, “Planning makes perfect.” While you can’t plan for every eventuality, the more you take into consideration before your trip, the smoother everything will go. Do your research, find good prices, and compare the various attractions that are available. Also, think about schedules and plan activities that fit within the limits of your family. If you have younger kids, for example, don’t plan an entire day of activities without pause. Instead, figure in a few breaks throughout the day to accommodate the lull in energy levels for smaller family members. It will make an unbelievable world of difference to your entire trip.

  • Focus on what’s fun for you

Remember that you want this vacation to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. And that might not be the same definition across the board. One family’s vacation may look entirely different than another’s. So, take your friend’s recommendations in stride and realize that their idea of fun might not match yours.

A good way to ensure that everyone has a good time during your vacation is to get the kids involved in the planning stage. Obviously, you’ll have the final say, and you don’t want to give them carte blanche. But it can be helpful to get their input on some ideas. Pick out a handful of acceptable destinations, and let your kids choose the one they like the most from that list. Give the older kids a louder voice in this process; the younger ones will probably just enjoy being out, and they’ll get their turn to call the shots in a few years.

  • Unplug

This is sometimes hard for people, and teens especially, but taking a vacation from your devices will completely transform your vacation. Everyone needs to unplug sometimes, and when you’re on a family vacation, it’s the best time to take the plunge. Shut off your phones, keep them locked in the safe, and disconnect in every way possible. You’ll have more time, energy, and focus for your family. You’ll be shocked at just how much you enjoy spending time with one another when there are no media distractions.

  • Go with the flow

No matter how much you plan, hiccups are bound to happen. Take things in stride, go with the flow, and just let life happen. The more easy-going you are about everything, the more able you will be to handle the unexpected with equanimity and a smile when it comes up. And sometimes, the spontaneous spur of the moment decisions we make on a trip are the most enjoyable of all.

Best Family Vacations in the USA: Our Top 10 Destinations

If you’ve even started your research, you know one thing for sure – there are a boatload of vacation destinations in this beautiful country of ours! From Myrtle Beach to Sanibel Island, America is packed with exciting vacation destinations for the entire family to enjoy. Here’s our pick for ten of the best getaways that the US has to offer. Still can’t decide? The good news is, there’s always next year!

1. Disney Adventures

Disney AdventuresExperience the magic of Disney at adventure parks across the nation
  • Location: Orlando, Florida, Anaheim, California
  • Entrance fee: Varies from park to park From $110

Walt Disney left a legacy of animated films that will probably live on forever. Another thing he left behind was a massive network of amusement parks, known as Disney Adventures that no childhood would be complete without experiencing. From the Magic Kingdom to Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, and so many more, Disney is truly a magical experience for kids of all ages to enjoy. The parks are situated across Florida and California, including Orlando and Anaheim. They offer an exhilarating potpourri of enchanting experiences with familiar childhood favorites, thrilling adventure rides, exotic animal exploration, sensational light and sound shows and parades, and international allure.