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AVG Cleaner PRO APK is an effective software to clear junk from your android phone and increase its performance. Some mobile phones come with default apps that clean out the trash. But wait! They don’t do enough. This is why you require a better tool.

Android is a powerful operating system. These devices account for around 75% of the market. It is easy to use. However, there are limitations. These devices may be fragmented in the form of high-end or low-end devices. As a result, they become slower after regular use. Also, the devices create junk files that slow down your Processes. This may leave you wondering what to do next.

This article will not cause you to panic. This article has your back. We’ll show you the best apps to speed your device up. That is what we do with AVG Cleaner PRO’s latest version. AVG Cleaner PRO  the software helps remove junk files from the android phone and speed up its performance.

It might be tempting to wonder if features are available for free. Yes. You can. PRO versions are available for this purpose. Not everyone has the means to afford large monthly sums of money. So here is the latest version. AVG Cleaner PRO APK that’s all. Furthermore, this article details all steps necessary to install the application and how to download it.

What is AVG cleaner PRO APK?

In computers and smartphones, after an application is run for a long time, it Produces junk and buffer files. So what are their counter effects? They not only consume a lot of space-wasting but also degrade the performance of your android smartphone. This is the primary reason we need to use this cleaner app like AVG cleaner PRO mod APK.

AVG Cleaner PRO APK, an android platform-friendly app, is available as a free download.

AVG Cleaner PRO APK version info:

Name AVG Cleaner PRO APK
Download from: Google play store
Developer: AVG mobile
Update: A Few Days Ago
Version: 5.6.2
Size: 22MB


AVG Cleaner PRO APK key features:

AVG Cleaner PRO has unusual and compelling features in store that maintain your device performance. It mainly focuses on the administration of junk, cache, and increasing the device speed. Let us get into the detail of all the features:

Junk files can be instantly cleared:

It is the essential element of all the features. It cleans out junk folders, data and makes space in your local memories. To perform this task, click on “quick clean,” located in your main application interface. Next, choose which items you need to clean up. After that, tap on “complete cleaning up” to Proceed. Voila! This has saved you lots of space on your smartphone.

Optimize photos:

AVG Cleaner PRO mod APK by optimizing your images, you can save a lot of space. The application scans the phone and lists all the photos that are on it. This will optimize your phone. In addition, AVG cleaner can be used to increase your storage without affecting quality.

Now let’s see how to make it work. This feature will be available to you immediately. Click on the “photo” icon that appears in the application interface. AVG cleaner displays details of all the images. To start optimizing all of your photos, you can click on “review” and then click the “optimize” button. It will quickly identify all blurry or poorly-formed images and duplicates. You can also manually delete them, and you will save some space.

App manager:

With the innovation PRO APK, practical apps that consume too much space, RAM, network data, or are not needed can be seen and removed. You can also uninstall applications that you don’t use often.

You can choose to either uninstall or retain all these applications to free up the device’s memory. This intelligent tool includes the ability to freeze all applications that are too large to be used for its tasks. It also incorporates notifications and background tasks. It works and is valid up to the time the user opens the application again.

Battery optimizer & saver:

Battery saver can Provide information to all its users regarding power-consuming activities. In addition, this app can be used to modify the settings to limit its use.

It has four battery Profiles: car, low battery, work, and home. App users can change any one of these Profiles so that your device works the way you want. There is one catch. It’s only suitable for 30 days. Too bad!

Auto reminder:

The auto-reminder feature allows users to enable it to search for all unnecessary working apps. In addition, it will enable users to remove them right from the notification area of their device.

AVG Cleaner PRO mod feature:

As was Promised, we have the latest mod version of this app. The features of this AVG PRO version are must be known. The trick of PRO is that it is free of cost! Moreover, the ProgRAMmers have worked a lot harder to make it seamless and add more features to this application.

How to install AVG Cleaner PRO APK?

AVG Cleaner PRO APK full version download is entirely free of charge. But you need to download this app in the form of an APK file and then install it manually.

But you need to be aware of something.

It is essential to ensure that your internet connection is stable before downloading.

You can ensure that the download doesn’t stall in the middle or end. Once you have downloaded APK files of the app, download AVG clearer PRO APK follow these steps to set it up:

Step 1:

You must delete all previous versions from your android device.

Step 2:

Then, you need to install the AVG cleaning PRO APK app from an authentic source on your android device.

Step 3:

Next, click on “install” to begin the process.

Step 4:

To allow the installation process to be completed, navigate to the settings. Under security, choose the turn on unknown sources option.

Step 5:

Go to the APK folder you downloaded and click on it. Start the installation.

Step 6:

Then, click the app button to complete the installation. Enjoy!


All in all, AVG cleaner PRO APK is the only app that is the most useful for all types of smartphones. It also takes minimal space on your phone. It optimizes power consumption for the equipment and Prolongs battery life. To gain access to more features, you can always use this. AVG Pro Apk version is briefly described in the article. Your phone should be spotless! Every user does. AVG Cleaner PRO solves all of your problems. It makes your phone perform efficiently and smoothly. It is an indispensable app. We highly recommend it. Try it once.

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