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Most of the games offer content to all players, but some bonuses and plants could be bought with real money. Some of them are given below.


Ghost pepper has lots of benefits. She has unbeatable quality. Zombie passes through her and does not even eat her body. After you place a ghost plant within a few seconds, it explodes and damages the vast area. On top of that, you can buy her with Gem instead of actual money. Have fun with her without paying a single penny.


Peashooter and walnut are the most famous plants in the series of the game. If you have played the game, you are familiar with these two plants. Pea-nut is the combination of peashooter and walnut plant. Peashooters shoot a single pea straight forward while walnut can be placed as a shield against zombies. Walnut prevents zombies from destroying or bothering tough plants.


Torchwood looks tough plant. However, it will not straightforwardly attack zombies. He is a repeated character in plant vs. zombie 2. The main role in improving the power of pea shootings plants (Peashooter, Threepeated, Pea Pod) on fire, multiplying their damages.


This plant does not harm any zombie, but it throws sap-covered pinecones towards them, which cannot block and reflect using any means. Therefore, it is harmless to zombies and it vanishes in 7 seconds. However, it will slow grounded zombies.


Squash target only one grid square. It is the single-use premium plant in plants vs. zombies 2. when squash finds a zombie near him in an area. He jumps high before damaging the target. Squash looks that he has bad-tempered, but his bad-tempered is for an enemy and not for us.

Squash is unlike Jalapeño or Cherry Bomb; you can multiply squash at a time. So he can target the two toughest zombies in any row, crash them, and then back to his original spot, ready to use again.


Jalapeno is the spot killer plant available in plant vs. zombie 2. jalapeno will explode one row of zombies. It does not destroy multiple columns like the cherry bomb. But it burns whole row and boots faster than a cherry bomb. He deals 1800 damages per shot and removes all cols effect from every foe in the lane.