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GAME GUARDIAN APK is an application that allows you to adjust the substance of your Android computer game to get benefits and upgrade illegally.

Besides it is a tool for Android and other platforms where users can alter games with cheats, trainers, and other methods. Computer game cheats have existed for quite a long time since the time games showed up.

Some Pc magazines from years earlier even had their own cheats area and created programs fit for modifying specific parts of the game to expand lives, health, and money. At some point or another, this concept also needed to arrive on Android, and apps such as Game guardian allow us to play current games with all sorts of help.

Game guardian is a popular platform for substitute games. However, there are lots of options, for example, you change values for instance Hp or lives you can speed up your game, introduce cheats that could achieve a wide range of effects.

Everyone has a smartphone and they want to play android games. Some games are too hard to play and sometimes you are stuck on the level and some of the games are time-consuming. Keeping all these thoughts in our mind some smart developers made this app. To solve the problems.

Game guardian’s developer team has intruded and handled many aspects of games. For this reason, the game process become simpler and easier to use for users. Even though you don’t have much knowledge about programs, you can still hack one of your favorite games or you can watch tutorials.


Game Guardian is a hacking application for iOS and Android devices. It is similar to Game Shark or Game Genie. Even though it is giving you offers such as special cheat codes. exploits and other advantages you wouldn’t normally be able to make use of in the Vanilla versions of mobile games.

This app is accessibly used across a vast range of platforms. Whereas this version is built for Android. In addition, not only does it work with Android games, but it also works with system-emulated games.

This app is developed in Japan, because of this its default language is Japanese. Successfully, this app comes with more than localizations.

Moreover, this translation has been done by contributors who mostly speak the bilingual language rather than professional translators.

Game Guardian works as a tool that is used for beginners and advanced users. For this reason, this app has a built-in guide, and beginners can often use the basic option offered to change their health, add gems, improve and increase their scores.

Furthermore, this app also provides a vast range of advanced options so, that the advanced level of users can access to isolate variables that are not immediately available. This app is also available in the play store.


App size19.7 MB
Last updatedA Few Days Ago
Total Download1 M+


There are lots of features in-game guardian app but am mentioning once a few most useful and popular on this list.

  • This is the best tool where you get unlimited money, score, gem, and experience on your favorite Android Mobil.
  • Its work on both Android and Pc device such as Droid4x, Andy, Blue Stacks, NOx, or Ko player. This amazing property makes Game Guardian APK stand out from all other apps.
  • You can filter the results according to whether the values are higher or lower than others. Advanced filter app in android Mobil can do the perfect scan result. You can modify your result at once.
  • This app has the ability to change the timings of the games. Dual time features can be used to move time or reduce game time.
  • Online Android games have made many changes to prevent the detection of hacking. Stealth App is automatically installed on your Android mobile after you install the Game Guardian. This app copy of Game Guardian. This is the best hack tool.
  • This app can encrypt those values which you can easily edit Because there are many hidden values in the game which cannot be easily seen in the scan. .so, search for both unknown and encrypted values.
  • This app research such as an array, double, binary, and float. they are just like a cheat engine. if you are not sure which is the best option for your value set it on auto.
  • The hexadecimal editor is for God mode of any game easily.it means you can have unlimited lives and God mode won’t let to die.
  • Added the speed hack in the last update. It will help you to keep the values the same before the changes


  1. Improvements to the virtual room.
  2. Fix bugs in the implementation of Lua.
  3. Update the translation.

How to install and download the Game Guardian APK:

Follow the steps to download the app

First of all, go to your phone’s security settings and click on the “unknown sources” option.

Step 1:

Search for the Game Guardian apk file on Google and download the apk file by clicking the download button.

Step 2:

Secondly, go to your phone’s file manager and open the apk file, which will give you the option to download the app.

Step 3:

Once all the steps are completed, the app will be on your home screen and ready to use.

Step 4:

Open the app and select the game you want to cheat in, and also select its values.


1. Is it possible to hack online games?

Yes, it’s possible to hack the client data.

2. Where does speed hack work?

Speed hack works in-game which speeds up your movement speed.

3. Why is my game not on the application list?

This is a list of currently running applications and your application is not currently running. First, run the game and then select it, in-game guardian.


On the whole, Game Guardian has stunning features, which we have discussed above. This app can be used as a hack tool for almost every game. This app allows editing the values that are available in the game in memory. The alternative to Game Guardian is SB Game Hacker. They are both used to hack android games.

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