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GB WhatsApp APK is an alternate online version of WhatsApp, also called GBWA (GB WhatsApp).

A great WA MOD version provides several incredible features missing in the standard version. You need to realize that Gbmods are not provided by WhatsApp Ink. Some other developers created and presented it and encouraged them to take full advantage of it.

App Name GBWhatsApp
License FreeWare
Current Version


Android Requirement 4.3 and Above
Ratings 4.5
File Size 44.4MB
File  APK
Last Update A few Days Ago            

Messenger GB WhatsApp:

The modified version of the original WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp Messenger. SMS may be sent, video calls made audio messages sent, group chatting sharing, file sharing, and much more. You may transmit photographs in the finest quality with GB WhatsApp Messenger, improve your media / MB status, and many more advantages.

GBWhatsApp APK Top Features:

Feature of a dual Account:

The most intriguing aspect of this mod is that you may use this WhatsApp mode on a single android smartphone together with the original WhatsApp. In other words, to utilize GB WhatsApp, you do not have to remove the original WhatsApp.

The function of DND:

The DND function is also extremely intriguing and is available just in GB WhatsApp and is not present in the Whatsapp original. This removes the GB WhatsApp internet connection just to let you access the internet without alerts.

Download status functionality

You may also download the status images and videos published by other contacts using this function. No external status download software is needed to preserve status.

Theme shop dynamic:

More than 700+ dynamic subjects are available in this app. Every subject of your own choice can be chosen. No more themes have to be downloaded

Feature for self-destructive Messages:

After you have this function in the universal configuration when your contacts read it the message is automatically erased.

Option of Privacy:

GBWhatsApp offers incredible concealing characteristics. Online status, blue ticks, and profile images may be hidden by users. Further features like concealing ticks, second ticks, and hiding for each contact last saw option. Contact vision status can also be hidden for users.

Functional multi-language:

There are many different languages in this app. Upon request, users can choose any language.

Sharing of File & Media

On regular WhatsApp you can transmit limited photos and videos, however, you can send 90 photographs at a time using GBWhatsApp. You may also send your contacts a 700 MB multimedia file.

Scheduler Feature of Message:

The message may be scheduled for your family and friends. The schedule of the message will let you send the message on time.

  • Hide last seen
  • Hide visual status
  • Anti-delete status
  • Show the blue tick after response
  • Send the best quality photographs
  • Send the best quality status
  • Self-destructive message
  • No need to have root access
  • Unlimited stickers available
  • Sending a broadcast message to groups – can lock
  • Changing the notification icon and app icon – pin chat limit raised to 30
  • Checking the contact and group history
  • Advance message to anyone without the forward tag
  • The audio clip size is now up to 100
  • No root access required
  • Stop receiving calls from particular contacts and/or groups Simply copy the status of anybody

The latest version of new Features:

  • GB WhatsAppAnti-ban
  • Towards the new emojis GB WhatsApp
  • Save up again the functionality of the photo profile
  • Download the 3-point archive choices.
  • TowardsContact Toast
  • The archiving option in 3 dots is activated GB WhatsApp
  • The gadget crashed into ANDROID 4.4
  • Two additional adjustments
  • GB WhatsApp Bugs fixed
  • Updating the new base GB WhatsApp
  • Última group mode participants GB WhatsApp
  • Respond in private in groups GB WhatsApp
  •  bar codes to add contacts
  •  stickers to photos (emojis/stickers)
  • Image sticker enabled (stickers/emojis)
  • Save profile picture

How to install GB WhatsApp Apk (Setup Manual)?

To install this mod, follow the steps to follow…

  1. GB WhatsApp Open Mobile-first and select Setup, then to Security and click on Unknown applications.
  2. You downloaded it from the website.
  3. GB WhatsApp Then clicks GBWhatsApp.
  4. GB WhatsApp Then activate the “Allow from that source”
  5. Click and install the app
  6. GB WhatsApp GBWhatsapp will automatically check your Via OTP code number after entering your Mobile Number. Therefore, GBWA is ready.
  7. GBWhatsApp APK for iPhone
  8. Currently, numerous devices are used.
  9. However, the iPhone is the best-known device. Many individuals use this device, but they don’t think about downloading the IOS document on their gadgets. In case you also ponder about the download method, then stay with me!.

GB WhatsApp IOS Features:

  •  Emoji New
  •  Copy the clipboard state of someone.
  •  Broadcast of over 600 communications simultaneously.
  •  By navigating to the Settings >> Theme Options, users may quickly modify the subject.
  •  The advantage is always online.
  • GB WhatsApp Instead of 30 sends over 90 pictures.
  • The application and icons may also be changed by users.
  1. GB WhatsApp The canceled message may only be viewed by the user by clicking on the notice showing the canceled message.
  2. GB WhatsApp
  3. As always, read the description of the group.
  4. GB WhatsApp You may now pay pals for the payment using UPI. Payment method.
  5.  Added signals to make it easier to name someone in the group.
  6.  Auto Reply Function – can be utilized while you are busy.
  7. The group also received broadcast messages
  8. Delete the chat window altogether by filtering messages.
  9.  Before submitting your images and videos, you may add different effects.
  10. Users can submit 30 records at 100 and not only 30 at once.

How To Download And Install GB WhatsApp IOS?

  1. You will discover that the app file cannot be downloaded to your PC, as it is a mobile program.
  2. You must, however, install an Android emulator such as Bluestack if you wish to install program files on a Windows PC.
  3. Here are instructions on your PC to install GBWA. In the following part, you can raise questions or concerns.
  4. GB WhatsApp Apk Downloading and installing Android Emulator on your PC is essential.
  5.  Any emulator you want can be used.
  6. Now, via the aforementioned URL, download the GBWhatsApp. I advise you to get the newest program version. Choose and launch an emulator with the GB WhatsApp APK.
  7. The emulator creates your computer’s Android operating system environment.
  8. GB WhatsApp Then GBWA can be emulated fast.
  9. On your PC, you may now experience amazing program work.
  10. Does GBWhatsApp work on Android safely?
  11. The program depends on the permitted WhatsApp Messenger application and can send and receive messages via approved WhatsApp servers. However, WhatsApp Inc., which is behind the WhatsApp Android app, does not produce or distribute the software.
  12. You may feel that the program was updated or modified the external app choice in contrast to the approved WhatsApp app that exists for the Android foundation.

Which is better GB WhatsApp Apk Vs WhatsApp?

Both GBWA and WhatsApp are virtually the same in interface language, installation, sending, and receiving messages. The major difference between them is the hacks and additional functionality supplied with GB WhatsApp’s aid. If you’re a user wanting to process private business information, GB WhatsApp should not be used by government authorities and other objectives.


What is GB WhatsApp? What is it?

GB WhatsApp is WhatsApp’s Modified Version. You may download a popular WhatsApp Mod from the official site. This Whatsapp mod provides incredible capabilities not accessible in the regular WhatsApp.

How can I get GBWhatsApp download?

Get GBWhatsApp from Whatsappinstalling GBWhatsApp on your mobile phones. To download the APK file on your mobile phone, click the button Download.

How to set up GBWhatsApp

Please find the file in your download location where you stored it after downloading the APK from our website. To install the file automatically, click the APK file. Please be aware that your mobile device runs on Android OS successfully. In the insecurity settings of your device, you may need to activate “Unknown Sources.”

How should the GBWhatsApp be updated?

Please check the GB WhatsApp for updates on to verify you have the newest version on your smartphone.


GBWhatsApp APK is a trustworthy third-party mod designed to ensure that your data is maintained. This mod is 100% safe from any malicious infection. It is dependable for your usage as compared to the original WhatsApp, it offers many more wonderful features.

This mod is extremely well known for its wonderful features such as anti-ban, DND mode, and concealing. This app is ideal for usage with these features.

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