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You must try PixelLab Mod Apk that lets you make any image that looks like YouTube thumbnails, Facebook channel art, and many others. In addition, background removal, perspective editing, and numerous text options are available and give an experience of professional editing.

App Holdings developed PixelLab in April 2015. PixelLab is among the most advanced, fully-featured photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store. It offers all the top features that require the creation and editing of images.

The most significant aspect of PixelLab is that it is easy to use this app with no issues, even if it’s have installed for the first time. This is because it’s that simple to operate. In addition, it’s a freemium app that means you can use it for free. However, it comes with limitations, such as pop-up ads and editing tools.

However, today we are giving you the direct download link for downloading the PixelLab Apk with all features locked. So to continue reading, and I’ll give you some suggestions on utilizing PixelLab to create or edit professional images without the need for any photo editor.


PixelLab is an expert, fully-featured, professional application for photo editing designed especially for Android devices. It offers a variety of photo editing features like letters and shapes that are 3D with effects such as shadows, and you can add as many lines of text you like. In addition, you can upload multiple photos in one go and add the text you want to write on them.

With the help of PixelLab, Apk is a way to edit or create a photo on your Android. Additionally, you can alter the background and apply different fonts for the text you write on the image. The variety of options is designed to make your photos come to life with functionality and enjoyment in mind.

As we all know, PixelLab was launched in April of 2015 for Android, a project of App Holdings. Within just three years, it’s gained 4 million+ users, which is growing day by day.


  • Create quotes for a photo using your Android
  • Remove the background from the image.
  • Multiple text option
  • Make beautiful stickers
  • Text in 3D on an image.
  • You can accomplish many other features with PixelLab Pro Apk, but these are the most important ones that I already mentioned.
  • Alongside selecting over 100 basic fonts, you can personalize the fonts however you’d prefer. Include shadows to give depth and emboss letters to make them stand out. You can even add reflection effects. Utilize emojis, designs as well as cool sticker designs.
  • If you’re an undergraduate student looking to do a project but need to gather all images into one page, then PixelLab Pro Apk will be ideal for you.


NamePixelLab Mod Apk
Offered ByApp Holdings
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked


We’ve all heard that PixelLab comes with various tools that will allow users to edit images. However, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you must open PixelLab Apk, and you can quickly learn how to edit the image. Below are the most important features of this program I enjoyed the most.

If you’re still considering downloading this modified apk the following features can make your mind up and assist you in making the right choice.


PixelLab includes a selection of different fonts, stickers, and emojis that can be used to make images, Instagram, Facebook cover.

The majority of them are free and require purchasing a PixelLab paid subscription for you to use the features. But with this mod of PixelLab, you will be able to access these premium features for free.


Each free app like PixelLab is ad-supported, as ads are the primary source of revenue for the creator. Unfortunately, however, these advertisements are pretty annoying when you’re working.


Are you looking for something more professional? They have stylish fonts, cute fonts as well as fun and playful fonts. So if you’d like to add some fun text to a photo of your pet, There’s a font that’s perfect that will suit your needs. There’s a variety of emojis, cool stickers, and various shapes to give a unique look to your photos.


We present a brand-new popular photo editing tool that lets you make a “pixel” effect on the photo. You can apply different shapes or draw the form you would like to draw on the image.

You can also apply cool stickers to the image for a more attractive and more interactive.


You can export or share the edited image simply by clicking the share button. In addition, in PixelLab, you can directly share your photo via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site with just a clicking a button.


Tools for editing images that are premium

Experience without ads

Save the projects to be saved from being used future reference

It is a matter of using controls


The process of downloading any premium app through the Thinkers is a simple job. Anyone who understands Android can download and install the app on their device without paying any money.

If you’re new to Thinkers and aren’t sure how to download the mod application free of charge, you can follow the following guide. This guide is written from a novice’s viewpoint to help anyone be able to follow the process.

Step 1:

First, click on the “Go to Download Page” button. Following that, you’ll redirect to the premium PixelLab APK download page.

Step 2:

Next, make sure you download the premium version by pressing the ‘Start download button. Your download will begin within a couple of minutes.

Step 3:

Once you have downloaded the game, go to your File Manager and open the downloaded PixelLab Apk file. If you’re installing an application using File Manager for the first time, it might need permissions.

Step 4:

Give all permissions required by clicking on the “Settings” button.

Step 5:

Once you have granted permissions, hit the back button, then again attempt at installing the app. Furthermore, it will be installed without error.

Notification: You must have uninstalled any previous version of PixelLab before installing this mod version. If you fail to do this, you will encounter an error message that says installation failed.


Is this mod app from PixelLab is appropriate for use?

It is 100 100% secure to use, and you will not face any security concerns. Each application listed available on this website has been tested for security. If you are still looking to be secure, you can install antivirus software to safer your device.

Do I have to purchase this PixelLab Mod?

There is no need to spend a single penny to get this mod. PixelLab Mod Apk. All of the premium features in PixelLab are already made available in this mod, so you only have to install it and then use it.

What is it that I can do by using PixelLab?

As I mentioned previously, PixelLab is an all-in-one software for editing photos that can create different kinds of images. It can be used to create thumbnails for your YouTube channel’s web emblem, humorous memes, and many other things.


Finding the ideal photo editing program that comes with a simple, user-friendly interface can be pretty tricky. Yes, I am aware that there are several advanced photo editing software online, such as PicsArt, Adobe Photoshop, and many more. However, they are all difficult to use for novices. If you are a fan of this mod version of the program, Don’t forget to send it to your friends from the professional world of image editing. If you’re having any concerns regarding the PixelLab Professional Mod Apk or if you find that a premium feature isn’t working for you, please write below. I want to resolve any of your issues.

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