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Shadow fight 2 mod APK (unlimited money) is a modified version, updated from the official version. In this version, you will have a lot of money after each game, plus the price of the product is 1, so you can buy comfortably!

Shadow fight 2, also the most successful version of the shadow fight series – is a fighting game series published by nekki. It is also one of the best games that I want to introduce to you first, even at the beginning of APKmody. The game starts with a very epic movie that tells the story. In shadow fight 2, you will transform into an invincible samurai warrior who travels the world searching for his opponent. Unfortunately, the victory makes him arrogant and violates the strict samurai law-breaking the seal of the door of shadows. This is where the world’s most dangerous enemies are imprisoned.

This mistake made him suffer the consequences. The whole world of darkness has been liberated. The powerful magic of the gate of shadows attracts his appearance, leaving him only a shadow. Realizing that something is wrong and could harm the world, he has decided to practice and fight to suppress evil spirits.

Shadow fight 2 has similar gameplay to traditional RPGs like Tekken or mortal combat. In it, your task is to participate in the antagonism of 1vs1 battles, use the control keys to move, attack, and avoid enemy attacks. The most important thing is that you have to combine keys to create continuous abilities and combos.


Name Shadow fight 2
Updated on A Few Days Ago
Publisher Nekki
Category Fighting
Size 142m
Requires Android 4.4
Version 2.14.2
Mod features Unlimited money

Features Mod:

Unlimited financial availability:

the price of in-game items has been adjusted to 1. Thus, after each game, you will receive enough money to purchase all items conveniently.

Why not donate as much money as before? This mod method no longer works on many devices, so APKmody removed it.

Unlimited Energy:

By default, you have 5 energies. You will get one energy point every 10 minutes. For more energy, use gems to buy.

Also, if you like to play games without energy, you can try the special edition version, a paid version of this game, while in these versions, you will play freely without an energy limit. This edition also includes special chapters.

Note when using

The first time you open the game, the game will display a data error. After that, please turn off the game and turn it back on to usually play.

Don’t forget to play offline. You can play freely without a network connection and also avoid errors while using the mod.

Great Fighting Effect:

  • You can use countless deadly weapons, divided into four types:
  • Your hand: hit or use weapons
  • Your legs: use the kick to attack the enemy
  • Dag: deal damage to enemies at long range
  • Mage: use magic to attack

Shadow fight 2 is divided into several levels with different difficulty levels, from simple to extremely difficult. The first step is mainly to familiarize yourself with the controls to pass quickly without obstacles. The following steps will have a more incredible difficulty; you will have to adapt and take the right shot or get shot in the blink of an eye.

Game Mode:

This game isn’t too difficult and doesn’t have many features, but it’s not for people who are in a hurry. You have to have a little patience if you want to conquer the entire shadow fight 2. However, the game still retains its charm by constantly adding new effects and new areas to explore.

Select A Character In Duels Mode:

First of all, you will have to conquer the story mode – including 7 bosses in 7 chapters. Especially in the last chapter, you will see all the bosses that have been defeated previously. Bosses will be strong in the storyline and not easy to defeat. Therefore, you will need to improve your strength by improving your equipment and skills and attacking. After killing a boss and a bodyguard, you can unlock the storyline and unlock the new modes that you will explore below:

  • Secondary mode: you can earn money to purchase equipment and upgrade
  • Tournament
  • Survival
  • Duels
  • Ascension:
  • By winning this mode, you will receive special outfits and unique attributes.
  • Challenge
  • Unique modes: underworld, eclipse (eclipse)


Nikki’s unique technology has created an entertaining and easy-to-use 2d game. For example, instead of highlighting the subject in the background, this game highlights the background while the subject is entirely black. This is understandable because the game’s storyline has already explained it.

How To Install Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk?

  1. Now that you have all the information about the game’s features, you are ready to take the next step. You can easily download or install the particular shadow fight 2 add-on mod APK by following our steps.
  2. First of all, you need to download the APK file. You can download it easily by clicking on the link provided below this step.
  3. Provide the link
  4. After completing the download process, check the location where it was downloaded.
  5. Once you’ve found the location, tap on the APK file.
  6. Make sure you allow “unknown resources” if your android doesn’t support such items.
  7. After authorizing, go back to the file and tap on it.
  8. Just click on the modified APK file, a download option will appear soon. Tap this option to start the installation process
  9. Now, wait a few minutes to complete the process patiently.
  10. After the process, you will see 2 options of “done” and “open.” make sure you click on the “finish” option.
  11. Go back to the Applications folder, check the new special download icon of the shadow fight 2 mod APK, and download the latest version.
  12. Enjoy the game by clicking on the icon to start it.


Shadow fight 2 mod APK is an action and exciting game in playing the role of a hero, which also features classic fights. This game allows you to equip your hero with various deadly weapons and teach him to combat moves very similar to the real world. Attack your enemies and defeat their bosses so you can proudly emerge from the gates of the shadows. Will you be able to do it? Install the game and find the answer to this question! Also, if you are interested in the shadow fight game series.

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