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As you may know, the Indian Premier League, commonly known as IPL, is a very long competition and is one of the world’s most famous cricket leagues, it takes months for this tournament to be covered.

IPL fans sometimes grumble that they cannot see all the matches they desire because of their hectic lifestyles.

ThopTV for PC creators saw this circumstance, making this app joyful to IPL fans so that they may watch their games and encourage their teams wherever they are. This is one of the primary reasons why many sporting channels, particularly those that stream cricket, are available in this application.

The application’s main goal aim is to broadcast shows as well as TVs for viewers. It’s just in our hands like television. It may be brought anywhere in the globe and various characteristics can be enjoyed. It offers a few other fun elements too, not only television. For instance, the program also streams music. You don’t have to spend time downloading the song now. Simply look and your music will play. Don’t worry, the app has already taken care of this problem if you wish to view movies. Watch all free. Watch all free.

App Details:

App Developer Thopster
App Version v45.4.0
Download Size 14.52 MB
Requirements Android 4.0 and Up
Permit Free
Updated On A Fews Days Ago

Features of ThopTV for PC:

  • Thousands of television stations
  • ThopTV offers the most comprehensive sports, entertainment, comedy, and news channels worldwide.
  • Channels for radio are always accessible.
  • There are almost 1000+ radio channels to listen to every time there are no prerequisites.
  • The last films on ThopTV are free.
  • ThopTV provides the latest films from 2021 with about 2000+ films published from Hollywood, Bollywood, and some others on ThopTV databases. For the same reason, also check Okubo Mega HD.
  • The app provides a full season and episode of all the hottest TV shows and Web-Series worldwide.

Make a Favorite List For YourSelf:

This function is for individuals who prefer to make their film schedule to watch their favorite films or we can say it’s a type of memory but manually. However, the application is one of the most helpful features. There are several advantages.

Online Stream:

If you have a social media channel or if you want to stream the channel, then don’t worry, the application has already taken care of that issue.

just download MX Player and stream everything you want. Is that not great? Is that not great?


The “ThopTVdiversity “‘s of channels is one of the key attributes. Any channel of any age group may be found. This feature makes this program distinctive in its manner.

Latest & Updated Features:

The ThopTV for PC is all an application that can play an important function in the epidemic.

The App is complete with all kinds of fun resources such as films, exhibitions, and comedy clips. The software provides you also the ability to observe all the sporting activities for the people of 2021. The IPL cricket event in India hosts the app, particularly for IPL enthusiasts.

This software allows youngsters not just adults to enjoy themselves. ThopTV provides cartoons and short tales to watch. So, this program does not spend your time installing with a single click choice to enjoy all types of ages.

An Ocean of Channels:

ThopTV has 3,000 channels in it.

And we have hundreds of sports channels that sports enthusiasts demand while their other family members occupy their home television. Is that not great? Is that not great?

Movies and Music:

it doesn’t just have a TV design, but our favorite music can also be heard. Now, we don’t need to download or stream the tunes onto any other engine. The same goes for the films; there are about 300 films included in the application. What more would you like? Discover it! • Enjoy it!

How to install?

  1. Start by downloading the boondocks program from your website or from the hyperlink we offer below as the ThopTV 2021 application may be made compatible with this software.
  2. Open the emulator downloaded from our windows of the PC and then click “Insert.”
  3. We have to complete installing the bluestones emulator on our computer windows 10 or mac at this step.
  4. When the installation is finished, we will be asked to use a Gmail email to access it, just to proceed.

FAQs About ThopTV?

1. Can ThopTV be used safely?

Oh, yes, the ThopTV for PC can bring harm to your Android Phone without viruses or malware. Don’t be worried that without any issues you can watch stuff.

2. Is ThopTV on the Play Store available?

As you’re looking for ThopTV on the Google Play Store, block the APP from finding copyright issues in the Play Store. We also provide an updated version of the App from our website for free.

3. Is ThopTV noxious?

No, ThopTV is free of malware that might damage your devices. Millions of people may now enjoy without issues for a few days.

4. Who’s ThopTV’s developer?

The developer of this application is the Thopster Athens.

5. Installation requirements?

ThopTV doesn’t have much to offer it is simple to use for Android users of any type, such as Android 4.0+.

6. Is ThopTV on other platforms available?

Other operating systems may install you on ThopTV.


At least, because of the busy schedule, the application saves time and facilitates users who cannot participate or watch TV shows. The app is free and safe. Download this! Download it! And love a lot of its characteristics. The software works wonderfully on android and is ready to be recognized on social media since cricket lovers constantly need to broadcast live. This software does not only provide them live streams, but also the application’s other capabilities. Any android, just 19MB, may afford the sized program.

Don’t believe it will damage your Android OS, the size of the light makes sure it’s good to work with. It is free, even user-friendly. So don’t wait until you get your new Android or PC ThopTV for PC. Don’t compromise simply some other stuff for your IPL team. Download and have fun!

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